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Last spring, Chris Pratt posted a picture on Instagram (above) of a French braid he did on his wife, Anna Farris, along with the...

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The best kind of satire is so spot-on, it takes you a few minutes to realize it's not serious. One favorite recent example is...


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By Carla Day Eleanor Nacht and the search for her has been the most interesting aspect of The Bridge Season 2. Sonya...

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By Free Britney When you think celebrity bikini photos, Lea Michele is probably not the first name that comes to mind. Well,...


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By Judith Woods Helen Mirren swears by a 12-minute fitness plan, but will it work for everyone, says Judith Woods Source: Health...


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By Andy Beta It's a hallucinatory 110 degrees in a parking lot in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Glendale, where Brian Reitzell...



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